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  • The Status and Future of China-Russia-U.S. Relations - Dr. Zhao Long May 1, 2018
    In this episode, we bring you a recording of our recent event with Dr. Zhao Long, associate professor at the Shanghai Institutes for International Studies and visiting fellow at CSIS. The lecture focuses on heightened tensions between the United States and Russia as well as increasing cooperation between China and Russia. 
  • Healthcare Reform in China - Dr. Chelsea Chia-chen Chou August 9, 2017
    In this episode, we bring you a recording of our recent event with Dr. Chelsea Chia-chen Chou, Assistant Professor in the Graduate Institute of National Development at National Taiwan University. The lecture focuses on elements that have led to progress in healthcare reform in China, including increased investment, expanded coverage, technological advances, and the beginnings of a shift from hospital-centered […]
  • How a Chinese Government Document is Born – Dr. Yang Xuedong May 30, 2017
    In this episode, we bring you a recording of our recent event with Dr. Yang Xuedong, Director of the Central Documents Translation Center (CDTC) of the Central Compilation and Translation Bureau of CCP Central Committee and senior research fellow of the China Center for Global Governance and Development Strategies (CCGGD). The lecture focuses on China’s policy process. The […]

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  • 奔腾不息 | bēn téng bù xī August 9, 2018
    In his speech to BRICS leaders in Johannesburg on July 26, Xi Jinping used this suyu to stress the message he was sending in his speech to the BRICS Business Forum: the trends of the times are surging forward and…
  • 敲锣打鼓 | qiāo luó dǎ gǔ May 16, 2018
    In a speech on May 2 at Peking University, Xi Jinping used this 成语 to tell students that China’s development and rejuvenation cannot just be cheered along, but must be earned through hard work and sacrifice. Using this 成语 in…
  • 蓄势待发 | xù shì dài fā April 18, 2018
    On April 13, Xi Jinping gave a speech in Hainan, congratulating Hainan on the 30-year anniversary of its becoming a province and establishment as a special economic zone. Xi directly precedes this chengyu with another that is worth knowing: 三十而立, which…

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  • Liu Ning August 9, 2018
    Acting Governor of Qinghai Province
  • Wang Jianjun August 9, 2018
    Member of the 19th CPC Central Committee; Secretary of the CPC Qinghai Provincial Committee
  • Yi Lianhong August 7, 2018
    Alternate Member of the 19th CPC Central Committee; Acting Governor of Jiangxi Province