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  • After the Homework Stops: Retaining Mandarin Proficiency Throughout Your Career - Robert Daly April 26, 2017
    In this episode, we bring you a recording of our recent event with Robert Daly, director of the Wilson Center's Kissinger Institute on China and the United States and AMS board member. The lecture focuses on building Mandarin fluency after formal studies have finished, how to incorporate it into professional practice, and how to continue to […]
  • Legal Discussion of China’s SCS Land Reclamation March 12, 2017
    In this episode, we bring you a recording of our recent event with Chia-Huan Chang, a visiting fellow of the Freeman Chair in China Studies at CSIS and a former instructor at Taiwan's National Defense University. Chia-Huan Chang's research interests include the issues related to the international law of the sea, maritime policies, and the South […]
  • Analyzing China Under Xi Jinping September 21, 2016
    In this episode, we bring you a recording of our recent event with Dr. Arthur Ding, one of Taiwan's leading experts on Chinese politics and foreign policy. Dr. Ding is the director and distinguished research fellow of the Institute of International Relations of National Zhengzhi University in Taipei.

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  • 坚韧不拔 | Jiān rèn bù bá May 17, 2017
    Xi Jinping’s “one belt, one road(一带一路)” initiative aims to feed China’s unprecedented economic growth through the creation of a trading area beginning in its own backyard. In his closing speech at a summit discussing the initiative, Xi harks back to…
  • 未雨绸缪 | wèi yǔ chóu móu May 3, 2017
    On April 25 Xi Jinping ran a Politburo study session on the current state of financial stability. He not only stressed the importance of finance to the Chinese economy but also the need to have a good idea of where…
  • 远见卓识 | yuǎn jiàn zhuó shí April 26, 2017
    It has been a quiet week for Xi’s speeches, so we had to dig into the archives for this one. On September 29, 2016 Xi gave a speech at a meeting discussing the “Selected Works of Hu Jintao.” Xi used…

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  • Buhe May 12, 2017
    Former Vice-Chairman of the 9th NPC Standing Committee
  • Tang Renjian May 8, 2017
    Governor of Gansu Province; Deputy Secretary of the CPC Gansu Provincial Committee
  • Lu Hao May 4, 2017
    Member of the 18th CPC Central Committee; Governor of Heilongjiang Province; Deputy Secretary of Heilongjiang CPC Provincial Committee

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  • The United States Is Losing Asia to China May 12, 2017
    With Washington in disarray, the Belt and Road Forum kicking off this weekend in Beijing should be a blaring wake up call that U.S. leadership in Asia is in peril.
  • China’s Big Bet on Soft Power May 11, 2017
    China is believed to spend billions of dollars to boost its international image, but it has yet to see a marked return on its investment in soft power.
  • Can China Become the World’s Clean Energy Leader? April 28, 2017
    China seems poised to surpass the United States in leading clean energy innovation and climate change response, but Beijing faces internal challenges to energy reform.