China is the largest emerging market country and its economy is on track to become the largest in the world.  Given the rapid evolution of the Chinese economy, no guide can stay current for long.

Instead, this syllabus is organized to help a new analyst develop an understanding of recent Chinese economic history, provide context for the most important economic issues, and highlight sources of good information for the future. Though several book chapters are referenced in this syllabus, we mostly include articles due to their timeliness and ease of access. We also include some Chinese language articles, but these are not required reading.

The syllabus is organized by the major topics that define the debate around China’s economy. We assume that you have a basic foundation in economics and that you are somewhat familiar with current conditions in China. A common thread between these articles is that they rely on data to separate the “signal from the noise” and dispense with the ideological arguments that often dominate conversations about China.

This syllabus is designed to build understanding of the Chinese economy in a step-by-step fashion based on reading around one document a night five nights a week for four weeks. In total, the key readings add up to roughly 750 pages suggesting around 30 pages for a night.

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