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【白求恩大夫】 1964年 中国经典怀旧电影

The documentary 【白求恩大夫】 is about Norman Bethune (白求恩), one of those international adventurers in the early 20th Century who joined up with the communists, first in Spain and later in China. Despairing of the West’s inequalities during the heyday of industrialization and its self-destructive tendencies demonstrated in World War I, Bethune turned to communism and used his medical education to assist the disadvantaged. In China, he took his skills, trained in Canada and honed in the trenches in France and the battlefields of Spain, and devoted them both to the Eighth Route Army as well as the disadvantaged of rural China. Although widely remembered and praised in China as a Canadian, it was in the United States that Bethune found willing funders for his time in China.

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