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五谷丰登、六畜兴旺 | wǔgǔ fēngdēng, liùchù xīngwàng

This week’s phrase from Xi Jinping’s New Years speech harkens back to China’s agricultural past to convey the good life. 五谷丰登 describes a plentiful harvest of five crops: millet, beans, hemp, wheat, and rice.  六畜兴旺 describes six essential farm animals:  “the cow can plow the field, the horse can bear weight, the sheep can provide a sacrifice, the chicken can announce the morning, the dog can guard against the night, and the pig can serve as a feast.”  Added together, 5 crops + 6 animals = security and abundance for your family in the new year. 


Have a bumper harvest and may your domestic animals thrive  




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