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坐冷板凳 |zuò lěngbǎndèng

Meaning: 1. be patient and wait for a long time in a certain position, especially in a competitive environment 2. hold an unimportant post and be neglected 3. be kept waiting for an assignment or an audience with a VIP

Original: “要完善基础研究人才差异化评价和长周期支持机制,赋予科技领军人才更大的人财物支配权和技术路线选择权,构建符合基础研究规律和人才成长规律的评价体系。要加强科研学风作风建设,引导科技人员摒弃浮夸、祛除浮躁,坐住坐稳“冷板凳”。”

Source: 习近平:切实加强基础研究 夯实科技自立自强根基

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