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病从口入,祸从口出 | bìng cóng kǒu rù,huò cóng kǒu chū

Due to the lack of Xi speeches in the past week, we’ve selected a thematic 俗语 from our Chinese proverbs study guide by Dr. Liwei Jiao:
bìng cóng kǒu rù,huò cóng kǒu chū

Character To Character translation:

illness-from-mouth-enter, disaster-from-mouth-come out

Literal translation:

Disease enters by the mouth and trouble comes out of the mouth; mind your words

Free translation:

mind your Ps and Qs // Think before you speak.


Búyào dāngzhòng suíbiàn fābiǎo pínglùn,~。
English translation: Don’t comment casually in public. Mind your words.


Dr. Liwei Jiao’s 俗语 study guide “Religious, Political, and Philosophical Proverbs
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