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Foreign Affairs Officer, Office of Middle East and Asia (MEA)(DOS)


  • The incumbent of this position provides subject matter expertise with a particular focus on China’s role in global energy markets.
  • Provides briefing checklists, short-fuse briefings, and press guidance on breaking energy market developments to in-depth analyses concerning longer term policy and market trends and other priority issues related to countries in the assigned region.
  • Briefs on U.S. foreign policy and energy security, such as events that affect foreign policy, energy markets, world oil/gas price fluctuations, energy infrastructure and changes to energy supply balances with a focus on China’s role in the markets.
  • Tracks global energy markets and provides a range of written products and oral briefings.

Qualifying specialized experience must demonstrate the following:

  • Experience analyzing and interpreting economic data, trends, and information in order to identify and comment on specific implications for U.S. energy security as well as trade and investment policy as it relates to China.
  • Experience preparing and presenting analyses, to produce advice and guidance, to solicit information, and to defend and negotiate positions.
  • Experience establishing liaison with key contacts throughout the U.S. private sector and the international diplomatic community.

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