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Student Support Coordinator, Chinese Overseas Flagship Program

The Chinese Overseas Flagship (COF) program, located in Nanjing, China, assists learners of Chinese already at the Advanced-Low level of proficiency to reach Superior or higher levels of proficiency on the ACFTL scale. The Overseas Flagship program consists of intensive, structured language instruction; direct enrollment in relevant courses at the host institution; full-time internships; and daily interaction with native speakers of the target language.

The COF program Student Support Coordinator serves as the American Councils representative and in-country contact for participants on the Chinese Overseas Flagship program. The Student Support Coordinator is responsible for assisting participants with internship preparation and placement, as well as managing the logistics of participant health and safety on-the-ground. He/she carries out American Councils program policies, coordinates with American Councils staff to address student-life issues, and, in consultation with Washington, DC-based staff, provides 24-hour emergency support for students. The successful candidate will be able to communicate with students about aspects of internship search activities, conduct pre-internship orientation and workshops, and be available to program participants on a daily basis, among other responsibilities.

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