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TDF Program Manager, AidData

AidData’s Transparent Development Footprints Program (TDF) is currently recruiting for a Program Manager OR a Specialized Program Manager, depending on the applicant’s qualifications and experience. This position is located at William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia.

The Program Manager will lead a wide variety of projects, and offers a unique opportunity to work on cutting-edge research with major policy stakeholders in the focus areas of emerging donors (China, GCC, etc.) and new models of funding development globally. This position will be responsible for leading and managing engagements with a multitude of stakeholders/partners, as well as providing support on preparing research proposals, design, implementation and monitoring, data management, report writing and dissemination and policy outreach.

The Specialized Program Manager will leverage his/her advanced program management skills to lead a wide variety of projects, and will collaborate on innovative policy research at the intersection of international development, foreign policy and global security issues, with a focus on the soft power toolkits of non-Western players like China and Russia. In this key role, you will manage large research grants with a multitude of high-level stakeholders and partners, oversee the implementation of programs across multiple partners, and will supervise internal team members to implement projects on the ground. Additionally, this position will prepare research proposals, and will facilitate policy outreach and data management. This position will involve frequent domestic and international travel to communicate high-impact policy findings with policymakers, academics, and international media.

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