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The American Mandarin Society is proud to announce the selection of its Next-Generation Scholars for 2019. We received an overwhelming number of talented bilingual scholars and writers who are developing careers writing about China, and our only regret is that we could not select more than four for this year.

The AMS Next-Generation Scholars Program is designed to support promising young writers through tailored mentorships with renowned journalists. We hope that this program brings new and original voices to the public discourse of China and U.S.-China relations and aids the scholars in further developing their careers.

Congratulations to Ricardo Barrios, Daniel Xin Huang, Marjorie Perry, and Alexandria Williams! We are excited follow their writing this year and support them in their further endeavors. We also want to recognize and thank our 2019 mentors, Richard McGregor, Mei Fong, Isaac Stone Fish, and Alexa Olesen for their dedication to fostering the next generation of China-focused writers.

2019 Next-Generation Scholars

Ricardo Barrios

Ricardo Barrios is a writer and researcher based in Washington, DC. He graduated from Peking University with a Master’s of Arts in International Politics and holds a degree in Politics and East Asian Studies from Oberlin College. His writing focuses on China’s evolving engagement with the countries of South America and the Caribbean and Chinese foreign policy. He is currently a Program Associate with the Asia & Latin America Program at The Inter-American Dialogue, and his work has appeared in World Politics Review, The Diplomat, Diálogo Chino, and more. He tweets @elbarrioschino. As a Next-Generation Scholar, Ricardo will initially be writing about China-Cuba relations.

Daniel Xin Huang

Daniel Xin Huang is a freelance journalist currently based in Beijing. He graduated from New York University with a degree in Economics, and is completing his Master’s in Law at Peking University. Dan has worked as a staff reporter for The Wall Street Journal and as associate editor for SupChina and his writing focuses on politics and international affairs. His work has been published in Foreign Affairs, Guernica, Pacific Standard, SupChinaand The Wall Street JournalAs a Next-Generation Scholar, Dan will be exploring ideology within the CCP.

Marjorie Perry

Marjorie Perry is a freelance writer based in Beijing. She graduated with distinction from the University Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, majoring in Linguistics. She spent a year at the Chinese University of Hong Kong as an exchange student, and later did a year of intensive Mandarin studies at Xi’an Jiaotong University. Living in Beijing since 2016, Marjorie’s writing focuses on culture and society in China. Her work has appeared in AFAR, The Beijinger, China Daily, Culture Trip, Esquire, Fodor’s, Narratively, Popula, The Prospect, South China Morning Post, TimeOut Beijing and more. As a Next-Generation Scholar, Marjorie will initially be writing about red tourism and LGBT rights in China.


Alexandria Williams is a China-tech writer currently based in Beijing. She graduated from Wesleyan University with a degree in East Asian Studies, and holds a Master’s of Law from Peking University. She has worked as a Global Technology Manager at Kuai Shou in Beijing. Her writing focuses on tech in China and seeks to explore the future of China’s telecom giants in Africa. Her written work has appeared in Radii and the China Travel Guide. She has also self-produced short China documentaries on YouTube, and has appeared as tech commentator on The World Today & Global Watch for CGTN. As a Next-Generation Scholar, Alexandria will start by researching the digital destinies of African nations that are embracing Chinese telecom projects.

This program is made possible by support from the Ford Foundation.
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