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US Correspondent, South China Morning Post SCMP

South China Morning Post is a leading global news company that has reported on China and Asia for more than a century. This position is based in Washington, DC. For more information on SCMP, please visit Apply and view the job posting on LinkedIn.


  • To produce original news reports and feature stories that help readers worldwide understand all aspects of the US-China relationship and other important relationships Washington has in East Asia
  • Work with a small team of other US correspondents and US editors to identify and develop the best possible content
  • Keep the US bureau chief informed of stories in development
  • Keep up to date with the ideas guiding the US-China relationship and work with US news editors to translate this knowledge for a savvy audience that ranges from the general news consumer to connected Washington policymakers
  • Develop and maintain contacts among Washington policymakers and foreign affairs specialists, and through them develop exclusive and original material
  • Collaboration with other correspondents including US reporting team as well as colleagues in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan and Singapore

Job Requirements:

  • At least seven years of experience covering breaking news and writing features
  • Demonstrated ability to produce sustained, authoritative coverage of an issue of interest to the South China Morning Post’s audience
  • Ability to work in a fast-moving news environment, preferably for an established publication available in print and online
  • Have a comprehensive understanding of China’s diplomatic strategy and thinking towards the US
  • Have good grasp of major political and economic trends that are shaping China-US relations.  The candidate needs to have a holistic view and should not narrowly focus on one or two areas
  • Wide range of contacts in diplomacy and think tank circles
  • Excellent knowledge and understanding of the political and economic structures of the Chinese and US governments
  • Strong understanding of international diplomacy and alliances, and knowledge of the history of modern China
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