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While the Central Compilation and Translation Bureau’s (CCTB; 中央编译局) original mission was “compiling, translating and researching classical Marxist works,” its responsibilities now extend into almost all aspects of official CPC language. One of their key functions is to translate important Party, government, and official documents into foreign languages. When new terms arise, it is CCTB’s responsibility to choose the correct official term in a variety of foreign languages. AMS has teamed with CCTB to provide an easy-to-use file that contains their updated vocabulary lists. This is a valuable resource for Chinese language scholars looking to master a variety of important vocabulary words and phrases related to the CPC’s domestic and foreign policy.

We have provided the lists here in a downloadable link via Google Sheets. Those familiar with Anki and Pleco will find flashcard import guides below. If you have suggestions on how to make these lists even more user-friendly, let us know. For now the Google Sheets format is most easily accessible and adaptable to members’ individual study preferences. These lists will be updated regularly as new and relevant vocabulary related to Chinese policy emerges. 好好学习、天天向上!

Download the spreadsheet

Download the .txt file (for Pleco users)
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Download the .csv file (for Anki users)
Use the following settings when importing this file into Anki.

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