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  • 美国的中国化 - 金焱 October 8, 2019
    In this episode, we bring you a recording of our event with Jin Yan (金焱), Caijing magazine’s DC bureau chief. In her talk, Jin Yan shares her observations of America, gained during her seven eventful years in Washington DC reporting for one of China’s leading business magazines on topics ranging from politics, to economics, to society. This is […]
  • The Future of U.S.-China Relations - Huang Ping October 19, 2018
    In this episode, we bring you a recording of our recent event with  Dr. Huang Ping, senior research professor at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS).    This lecture focuses on perspectives from China on U.S.-China relations and where the relationship is heading.
  • The New Southbound Policy and U.S.-Taiwan Relations — Dr. Chen Ping-Kuei September 26, 2018
    In this episode, we bring you a recording of our recent event with Dr. Chen Ping-Kuei, assistant professor in the Department of Diplomacy at National Chengchi University. This lecture focuses on the Tsai administration's Southbound Policy, an aim to strengthen ties with countries in Southeast, South, and Austral-Asia. This is a helpful lecture for anyone wanting to […]

RSS This Week’s Suyu in Xi Jinping’s Speeches

  • 辛勤耕耘 | xīn qín gēng yún June 30, 2020
    Meaning To make industrious and diligent efforts; (耕耘: plowing and weeding) Original “中俄双方把握这美好的早春时节,为两国关系和世界和平与发展辛勤耕耘,必将收获新的成果,造福两国人民和各国人民。” Source On June 18, 2020 人民网 published an excerpt from Xi’s 2013 Moscow speech on China-Russia relations: 国家主席习近平在莫斯科国际关系学院的演讲(全文) The post 辛勤耕耘 | xīn qín gēng yún appeared first on American Mandarin Society.
  • 百尺竿头,更进一步 | bǎi chǐ gān tóu, gèng jìn yī bù June 18, 2020
    Meaning Even if you get good results, or have reached a very high level, you still have to work hard. Original 希望乡亲们百尺竿头、更进一步,发挥自身积极性、主动性、创造性,用自己的双手创造更加美好的新生活。 Source 2020年6月8日下午,习近平总书记来到宁夏吴忠市利通区金花园社区考察 The post 百尺竿头,更进一步 | bǎi chǐ gān tóu, gèng jìn yī bù appeared first on American Mandarin Society.
  • 一鼓作气 | yī gǔ zuò qì June 11, 2020
    Meaning In a spurt of energy; done in one vigorous effort Original “要一鼓作气、连续作战,以更加有力的举措、更加精细的工作,确保脱贫攻坚任务全面完成。” Source 《求是》杂志发表习近平总书记重要文章 《关于全面建成小康社会补短板问题》 May 31, 2020 The post 一鼓作气 | yī gǔ zuò qì appeared first on American Mandarin Society.

RSS China Vitae

  • Gong Zheng March 23, 2020
    Member of the 19th CPC Central Committee; Governor of Shandong Province; Mayor of Shanghai
  • Liu Xiaoming March 1, 2020
    Chinese Ambassador to the United Kingdom of the Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • Wang Zhonglin February 14, 2020
    Secretary of the Wuhan CPC Municipal Committee

RSS Council on Foreign Relations

  • Virtual Meeting: A Conversation With ICC President Chile Eboe-Osuji June 30, 2020
    International Criminal Court (ICC) President Chile Eboe-Osuji discusses the purpose and value of the ICC’s work and the ICC’s relationship with the United States.
  • Virtual Roundtable: International Trade and Women’s Rights June 29, 2020
    As research definitively establishes a link between gender equality and global prosperity, more countries have sought to remove the economic barriers women face and foster their participation. In the United States, Congress is taking steps to ensure that U.S. trade policies enable opportunities for and do not discriminate against women: Senators Bob Casey (D-PA) and […]
  • Virtual Meeting: CFR Master Class Series With Amy Jaffe June 24, 2020
    Amy Jaffe discusses energy innovation and U.S.-China relations, including an assessment of the energy strategies of the two countries, how these strategies influence the bilateral relationship, and their impact on foreign policy, climate change, and economic rivalry. 
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