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  • 美国的中国化 - 金焱 October 8, 2019
    In this episode, we bring you a recording of our event with Jin Yan (金焱), Caijing magazine’s DC bureau chief. In her talk, Jin Yan shares her observations of America, gained during her seven eventful years in Washington DC reporting for one of China’s leading business magazines on topics ranging from politics, to economics, to society. This is […]
  • The Future of U.S.-China Relations - Huang Ping October 19, 2018
    In this episode, we bring you a recording of our recent event with  Dr. Huang Ping, senior research professor at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS).    This lecture focuses on perspectives from China on U.S.-China relations and where the relationship is heading.
  • The New Southbound Policy and U.S.-Taiwan Relations — Dr. Chen Ping-Kuei September 26, 2018
    In this episode, we bring you a recording of our recent event with Dr. Chen Ping-Kuei, assistant professor in the Department of Diplomacy at National Chengchi University. This lecture focuses on the Tsai administration's Southbound Policy, an aim to strengthen ties with countries in Southeast, South, and Austral-Asia. This is a helpful lecture for anyone wanting to […]

RSS This Week’s Suyu in Xi Jinping’s Speeches

  • 刻舟求剑 | kè zhōu qiú jiàn September 23, 2020
    Xi Jinping used this chengyu in an article on improving education in political philosophy on August 31st, 2020. Meaning Lit. a notch on the side of a boat to locate a sword dropped overboard (idiom); fig. an action made pointless… The post 刻舟求剑 | kè zhōu qiú jiàn appeared first on American Mandarin Society.
  • 食洋不化 | shí yáng bù huà September 9, 2020
    Xi Jinping used this chengyu in a speech about the Marxist political economy at the 28th Politburo study session on November 23, 2015. Meaning (Variant of 食古不化) Swallowing foreign ideas without digesting them; quoting foreign ideas in full without analyzing and comparing… The post 食洋不化 | shí yáng bù huà appeared first on American Mandarin Society.
  • 风华正茂 | fēng huá zhèng mào August 13, 2020
    Xi Jinping used this chengyu during a speech at a Central Party study session earlier this year. Meaning In one’s prime; with the vigorous spirit of youth (造句) Original “我讲过,中国共产党立志于中华民族千秋伟业,百年恰是风华正茂!” Source July 31, 2020 习近平:贯彻落实新时代党的组织路线 不断把党建设得更加坚强有力 The post 风华正茂 | fēng huá zhèng mào appeared first on American Mandarin Society.

RSS China Vitae

  • Gong Zheng March 23, 2020
    Member of the 19th CPC Central Committee; Governor of Shandong Province; Mayor of Shanghai
  • Liu Xiaoming March 1, 2020
    Chinese Ambassador to the United Kingdom of the Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • Wang Zhonglin February 14, 2020
    Secretary of the Wuhan CPC Municipal Committee

RSS Council on Foreign Relations

  • CFR Master Class Series With Alyssa Ayres September 30, 2020
    Alyssa Ayres discusses the relationship between the United States and India–where things are, where they have been, and what's ahead. The CFR Master Class Series is a biweekly 45-minute session hosted by Vice President and Deputy Director for Studies Shannon O’Neil in which a CFR fellow will take a step back from the news and discuss […]
  • Screening and Discussion of "Blood on the Wall" September 24, 2020
    Panelists discuss the ongoing migration crisis in Central America. From Academy Award–nominated director Sebastian Junger and Emmy-winning producer Nick Quested, Blood on the Wall explores the depths of corruption plaguing Mexico and Central America and the policies of the past that have prevented everyday people from finding justice.
  • Higher Education Webinar: Targeting, Testing, and Mitigating the Spread of COVID-19 September 24, 2020
    Martin D. Burke, chair of the SHIELD COVID-19 strategy for the University of Illinois system, and May and Ving Lee professor for chemical innovation and professor of chemistry at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, discusses targeting, mass testing, and mitigating the spread of COVID-19 on campus.
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