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TuneIn (live radio, podcasts)

凤凰FM (radio, audiobooks)

Sound of Hope Radio

Chinese Radio


Italki (language exchange, chat, online tutoring)

Lang-8 (language exchange, writing practice/editing)

HiNative (language-learning Q&A platform)

Chinese Language Reddit

The Washington Chinese Language Meetup Group

Marco Polo Project Translation Club

Mobile Apps

Hanping (Dictionary)

Pleco (Dictionary)

海词词典 (Dictionary)

Anki (flashcards)

网易-NetEase (News)

新浪新闻- Sina (News)

Skritter (character practice)

Hanzicraft (character practice) (language learning software, multiplayer Chinese vocabulary games)

Chinese Writer (stroke order practice)

Google IME  (Chinese writing input for Android)

Hanzireader (reading annotator-iOS only)


Justing (audiobooks)

Ximalaya (audiobooks)

TingBook (audiobooks)

Mandarin Spot (reading annotator)

Praat (tones/pronunciation, voice recording software) 

Audacity (tones/pronunciation, voice recording software) 


Sinocism (News/Policy in English and Chinese)

Hacking Chinese (Language learning, acquisition, maintenance)

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