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TuneIn (live radio, podcasts)

凤凰FM (radio, audiobooks)

Sound of Hope Radio

Chinese Radio


italki (language exchange, chat, online tutoring)

Lang-8 (language exchange, writing practice/editing)

HiNative (language-learning Q&A platform)

Chinese Language Reddit

The Washington Chinese Language Meetup Group

Marco Polo Project Translation Club

Mobile Apps

Hanping (Dictionary)

Pleco (Dictionary)

海词词典 (Dictionary)

Anki (flashcards)

网易-NetEase (News)

新浪新闻- Sina (News)

Skritter (character practice)

Hanzicraft (character practice) (language learning software, multiplayer Chinese vocabulary games)

Chinese Writer (stroke order practice)

Google IME  (Chinese writing input for Android)


Ximalaya (audiobooks)

TingBook (audiobooks)

Mandarin Spot (reading annotator)

Praat (tones/pronunciation, voice recording software) 

Audacity (tones/pronunciation, voice recording software) 


Sinocism (News/Policy in English and Chinese)

Hacking Chinese (Language learning, acquisition, maintenance)

David Cowhig’s Translation Blog (Language learning, maintenance)

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